Experience seamless communications when using your personal devices and broadband system on board. Enjoy GSM voice and data via satellite with no connection costs.
Imagine business-critical applications; real-time reporting & tracking, fleet monitoring, GPS location, security, M2M, weather –accessible 24/7 via your tablet!Imagine tomorrow’s communications for work and life at sea right at your fingertips!

SeaMore is a Telemar own product that manages operations activities cost-effectively and connects superintendents and crew conveniently and easily, using own smartphones or tablets.
It provides voice, messaging, email, web access and several maritime application suites – it is extremely easy to use, efficient and below GSM cost.
SeaMore is the perfect solution for shipping companies to run their business through operational applications, while facilitating crew welfare programs over smartphones and tablets, allowing crew members to talk with their loved ones in privacy, to enjoy email, SMS, internet, social networks, news and leisure applications.

  • Business-critical applications; anytime and anywhere
  • Full control of communication management with a single solution
  • Affordable & controlled crew internet, black&white list filtering of web sites, data session limits
  • Single ship & group of ships easy remote configuration
  • Satellite airtime and equipment (if needed)
  • Affordable crew communications
  • Most cost-efficient GSM voice & data services via satellite without GSM connection costs
  • The use of personal, preconfigured smartphones and tablets

Affordable   Crew   Communications

Motivate your crew with low-cost communications and infotainment.

  • Prepaid cost-effective voice calls to stay in touch with friends and family
  • Most cost-efficient GSM-like connection through compressed connectivity
  • Instant messaging and SMS
  • Optimized emailing
  • Web compression and caching for lower costs
  • Use of personal devices and applications for total privacy
  • Onboard news and sports content
  • Easy media file sharing via the onboard electronic library: videos, music, e-books.
  • Personal cost monitoring , alerts and traffic control
  • Crew billing made simple with separation from business costs

Easy Business Operations

With direct access to business-critical applications, captains and superintendents can recreate an office-like environment at sea.

  • Real-time tracking and maintenance reporting with Telemar World Services app
  • Remote configuration for a single ship or a fleet
  • Optimized fleet surveillance: monitor by fleet, by ship or by user
  • Remote IT and airtime control
  • Secure onboard network
  • Online exchange and hosting of business content & templates via the ship-borne network
  • And more customized applications to come!

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